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stupid internet >_

Blargah. I hate my internet service D: I haven't had internet for the past two days...and it's still only slightly working D: Verizon said it should be fixed within a few more days, but AGH. AGH. I hate Verizon, I've had nothing but troubles from them (with the internet AND my cell phone) but my mother insists on them, for some reason.

Anyway! It's been awhile D: Before the internet death, I was just super busy working. GameStop = crazy during the holidays. I worked 23 hours last week O_O That's crazy, I've never had a job like this before~ But I love it, so it's good.

Christmas was pretty good. I got a $50 gift card for eBay and some other small things. The gift card was the best :3 I spent it on Axel and Roxas figures. I'll finally have the complete set :D And then last night I spent the last of it a pretty corset top thing (I had to spend some of my own money on that, as well). My aunt got my PotC3, which made me SO HAPPY. I love that movie and the memories that go with it ♥

I saw Patti on Friday, which was awesome. It was a spur of the moment thing, which made it even better. I hadn't expected to see her until new years' eve, so it was a lovely surprise. We watched some movies (Sleepy Hollow and the first half of the Fellowship of the Ring) and ordered Chinese. It was just, oh, amazing. I love being with her. And movies are awesome, we get to cuddle and such :D

Then new years' eve was awesome as well. We went out for lunch and then saw Sweeney Todd. My gosh, I fucking love that movie now. I've been listening to the music almost nonstop since then. It's so sad and just so, so good. After the movie, we went to Barnes & Noble until my parents could pick us up.

We went back to my house and watched The Corpse Bride. My dad randomly has all these DVDs (like, 50 of them) and I didn't know this until this past weekend. wtf. Anyway, after that my parents and brother decided to go to a party at their friend's house, leaving the house to us. We finished watching FotR and talked until about 5 minutes before midnight, at which point my parents came back.

So, then we watched the ball drop and drank champagne. And kissed at midnight ♥ I never thought I'd have anyone to be with and now I have her, and it is just so, so wonderful. I am so happy all the time :D

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut at a nice salon as one of my birthday presents. Oh, yes, my birthday is in less than a week! I'll be 18 on the 8th :D I'm so excited! Patti's coming over on Saturday and my mom's making a nice dinner. Usually we go out somewhere, but we can't afford it this year. Ah, well. It'll still be nice, my mother is an amazing cook.

Mmmkay, so that's all for now :D I hope I get my internet fixed soon >_>
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