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siiiick D:

I am so sick, it's horrible. I have a cold that's making me so miserable ;_; It started on Thursday evening, but it didn't get bad until last night/this morning. I keep sneezing, I have a horrible sore throat and headache, and I'm just like...agh. Not feeling good D:

How am I supposed to study for my stupid biology final?!

In other news, my first two finals went pretty well. And yesterday evening was awesome. Patti came over right after school and then Sheep + her boyfriend showed up later. We did actually get a bit of bio studying done, but it was mostly fun. Apparently, despite never playing it before, Sheep is amazing at Guitar Hero. And her boyfriend was decent as well.

Then my mom ordered pizza for us, which was a nice surprise. So, it was just a really fun time, until everyone left. I swear, the second my friends left I fell asleep. That was around 8:30 :O Crazy~ I never sleep that early. And then I slept until almost 8 this morning. It comes from being sick >_>

So, I'm going back to making graphics...at least I've found SOMETHING to do with myself today...
Tags: finals, sick
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