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finals D:

My first final is tomorrow, blah. It's just English, which isn't that hard...well, it's vaguely hard, but it's not like I can study for it. Then I have Calculus on Friday and Biology in Monday. Fun times. And then I have three days off school before I have to go in and get my grades. THEN WINTER BREAK!!! YAY!

Friday is exciting though, Patti is coming over after the finals of the day so we can study for bio. Oh, and we have a date on Monday, that is going to be awesome. Monday is the last day of finals, so I offered to take her out for sushi afterwards. SO! I'm excited ♥

I should probably get to bed, soon, if I'm going to do well on my final in the morning...

OH! Side note, but I finally came up with a decent examples page, what do you guys think?
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