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first week~!

WELL HELLO THAR MY LJ FRIENDS. I have been quite busy this first week of school XD It was, basically, amazing. Okays? AMAZING. My classes are the best, except for Biology...I hated it last year before I dropped it and it's still just as boring...

Anyway! My two favourite classes so far are Calculus and Anthropology. There's only four people - including me! - in my calculus class and the teacher is the best math teacher ever, I swear. I love her. And wow, just anthro is amazing. We started the year by talking about polygamy...how can it get any better?! The teacher is one of my favourites in the entire school, too...she's so interesting! It's the best!

Plus! Sheep is in half my classes! Bio, JAVA, orchestra, and gym, plus half of my frees. It's really spiff. PLUS OMG PATTI MIGHT START TAKING JAVA WITH US! It'd be amazing~! So far it's only me and Sheep in the class, so one more person would be cool.

Crew's also been pretty fun...I love it! The weather has been pretty good, so it's been nice out on the river every day~! Plus, you know, half of my friends row, so it's all good fun.

Um. So, Friday was cool. Patti, Sheep, Sara, Hannah, and I went to Walnut Street for dinner and stuff after school. Bryan and Paul met us there too~! Yay hot German exchange student XD XD XD Then we hung out at the Apple store and stuffs. It was fun. Oh, and then Patti, Sheep, Paul, Bryan, and I walked back to Ellis - my school - to get picked up. We hung out in a playground for awhile, that was cool...

Then Patti slept over! Whoot! We were actually quite tired...so we basically just watched some Monty Python's Flying Circus and then passed out in bed... Crew Saturday morning, then a day of homework and fun! My parents went up to Ohio to meet up with my aunt and uncle to go to wineries...so, free reign of the house! We did homework, played KH2, and made dinner...which I got drunk on, AGAIN. I am not allowed to cook with alcohol anymore XD We walked with my other friend Hannah and took pictures for my photography class...then Patti went home and I slept.

TODAY WAS AMAZING WH00T. Patti, Sara, Sheep, and I went up to the Pittsburgh ren faire. YES I DO GO TO A FAIR (haha, an unintended pun!) AMOUNT OF THESE I'M COOL. It was neat, not as nice as the Great Lakes one that Patti was in, but still fun. I saw a bunch of people there from the other one I went to! Apparently people remember me XD So that was really cool. I got this spiffy henna design done on my hand and some knee high striped socks in my school colours. It was just fun in general, I dunno, no way to describe it.

Of course, my fun days always turn into LET'S ANALYZE MYSELF TO DEATH days by the evening...I had a long conversation with Patti on the way back, which basically got to nothing. Well, Patti admits that the only reason that she won't date me is my fucking gender. I HATE THIS OH GODS I AM SO WHINY TODAY. But gods...I dunno, that's more than she would admit to back in May, but still. gods. Sheep is convinced that she just needs to be liberalized more...but I don't know.

This is so frustrating D: D: D: I am not a very patient person, either. And I keep trying to stop myself from being fucking IN LOVE with one of my best friends, what with Keith and the hot German exchange student and I would still rather date Patti than any of them. wtf at me.

Right. HIGH SCHOOL IS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE, RIGHT. Fuck you, adults, fuck you. It's just a mess of confusing emotions and in the end no one really knows what's going on anyway.
Tags: crew, faire, i love my friends, rambling, school, sexuality confusion
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