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stupid mushrooms >_>

Aghhhh. So, I'm still working my way through KH2: FM+. I'm just doing all the extras now, like Jiminy's Journal. Which, of course, involves the bloody XIII Mushrooms. I've only gotten four of them so far D: They are so difficult for me! I don't know...ugh. I was trying to do IX today and I keep getting so close and then just failing.

Oh, and the rematches of the Organization members? DIFFICULT AS ALL FUCK. As if I didn't have enough trouble beating Roxas during the storyline...now he has about five hundred bloody health bars and it's just...ugh, hard. I guess it's because I'm still only level 88, but still. And I don't speak Japanese...that definitely makes things more difficult. I wish my school offered it, rather than just French, Spanish, and Latin.

Meh. I have to go shopping for back to school stuff today. I can't believe I go back on Monday! And as a senior :O I remember starting high school with the feeling that it would go on forever...and now only one more year!

I still have to look at colleges D: I want to go to Goucher in Baltimore, but I didn't get to tour any colleges because my mom had back surgery this summer. So, no traveling for me. Mehhh. I wish I could look at college campuses before applying to them, but things just don't work out, I suppose.

Sheep is coming to pick up her chinchilla today D: I love him. She let me babysit him while she was in Boston for a week and gave me permission to name him. Since he's nocturnal, I went with Ansem. I did warn her that he would end up with a Kingdom Hearts related name XD

Hey, for once this isn't cross-posted from GJ. Killian is trying to get used to moving here...despite, you know, having about three friends on the whole site D: I need to convince my GJ friendies to move here ;D I mean, I pay for this thing, I should definitely use it XD

Also, the top entry is now an intro entry thing ;D
Tags: college, kingdom hearts, school
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