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amazing day~!

omg, so today? AMAZING. Just, wow, so much fun! I had crew in the morning where I coxed (basically, I got to steer the boat) and that was cool :D Then it was Kennywood time! Kennywood is this local amusement park and it's so great. It's tradition to go every year :D

This year I went with Patti and her brother, Josh. He's about a year younger than the two of us, so he's pretty cool. Then Bryan happened to be there. He's hosting an exchange student from Germany, Paul, for the year and he was showing him different Pittsburgh-y things. HE IS SO CUTE. Ahhhhh. Anyway, we ended up meeting up with the two of them and FUN WAS HAD BY ALL.

Even though it did pout down rain for about twenty minutes...we hung out in an arcade and then Patti and I rode one of the lamest rides. ahaha, it's this inside one called the "Musik Express" and it just plays hilariously bad music while going in a circle. GOOD TIMES. We rode basically all of my favourite rides except for the bungee jump, and that's because it costs extra money. I needed all of mine for food XD

Oh! And there was a parade in the evening and it was hilarious. The floats were so trippy! This was one of a lady in a pool with a giraffe, wtf. But this one marching band played like, marching band music REMIX. It was all techno-y sounding. Pretty spiffy.

All in all, good times! No pictures, because all I took was money and a cell phone. I am lazy and don't like to carry shit around all day at one of these places. Then Bryan ended up having a backpack anyway, but oh well. I couldn't have been assed to take pics anyway...too busy ^^;;

Also posted in my GJ...I'm in the process of moving here, so the entries are basically going to be the same at both places for a bit :D

Oh and in LJ news...I need to change my mood theme. GODS I HATE DOING THAT. *opens up ye olde Microsoft Word* Now to find my mood theme photobucket... *grumble grumble*
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