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wtf credit card

So I got one of those spiffy credit card things. You know, the ones at Giant Eagle with a set amount on them? I wanted a reloadable one but they were out. OH WELLS. It's got $100 on it. But anyway, either I'm doing something wrong or LJ hates me, but it won't accept my credit card.

I'm trying to renew my extended userpics, right? And it keeps telling me that a Visa needs to have a 16 digit card number or something. WHUT. I keep typing in the number on my card and trust me, it's 16 digits. aghhhhh.

Okays. So in other news, I have now made sea salt ice cream and it is the tastiest thing ever. Oh, and GJ is dumb. I only stayed there for the instant comment notifications and 2000 icons. NOW THOSE ARE GONE WTF. SO I'm seriously considering a permanent move back here to LJ.

Mmmmm yep. I'm working on updating Camp Friendship this week...hopefully tonight or tomorrow. IF I STOP BEING LAZY AND READING AKUROKU FANFICTON. ahahaha yeah right XD

EDIT: OMG OMG SO KILLIAN IS A MORON. No wonder my card didn't work. I missed a 6 in my card number. It has three in a row so I must have kept missing one. OH GODS I AM SO DUMB. At least I have 107 icons again :D
Tags: kingdom hearts, lj whut?
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