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*melts in happiness*


Yes, I am the biggest dork ever. But like...I don't get it! I lack confidence in my writing sooo much, so I just can't fathom so many people liking anything I've written! I just posted the seventh chapter this evening, and within an hour the fic went from have 94 reviews to 105. I AM IN SHOCK! And all of the reviews are so kind and lovely and just...afhifuhs. I'm happy now.

I've never gotten this many reviews before. The last time I got close to 100 was back in June of 2004, when I had a script format "interview the KH characters" fic. It, uh, sucked. Well, it does now that I'm looking back on it. But anyway, that thing was 10 chapters long before it got taken down. And even then I think it only got to 98 or something.

I love ALL of my reviewers. I got a billion reviews today, somehow, and just wow. Wow. I've been in a giddy mood because of it. They've all been SO sweet and SO wonderful and eeeeee. I'm crazy, I know, but just wow. I can't get over it.

Okay, I'm done squeeing like a silly fangirl. I gotta get some SLEEP, seriously!
Tags: fanfics, kingdom hearts
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