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whoooo meme

1) Favorite male overall (Non-FF):
A lot ;_; But I'd have to say Riku. He's been my fav since the opening of KH1 XD

2) Favorite female overall (Non-FF):
Kairi! She doesn't get nearly enough love ;_;

3) Favorite Org. member:
Zexion ♥

4) Least favorite Org. member:
Dun really have one. I loooove them all ^^;;

5) Favorite Cameo male:
Cloud~~ I ♥ him

6) Favorite Cameo female:
Yuffie! zomg I think she's awesomely amusing.

7) Favourite couple(s) and why (can be canon or fanbased, whatever you like):
Zemyx- ahaha, fandom made me do itttttt xD
Rikairu- OTP since forever. He looooooves her and it's just adorable :D
Akuroku- well, duh ^^

8) Least favourite couple(s) and why:
Leon/Sora- because the stupid people at khanonmeme kept BEGGING for it and ughhhh.
Axel/Roxas/Demyx- I JUST DON'T GET IT. Axel hated everyone but Roxas, guyssss. This breaks my brain ;_; And my OTP lolz ignore me

9) Most hated character(s), if any, and why:
DiZ- I HATE HIM. I am fulllll of hate for this man and I could write a whole essay on it >:O

10) Favorite song KH1:
Hollow Bastion music XD

11) Favorite song KH2:
Passion~! So pretty *_*

12) Favorite song overall:
Um...all of them? Passion and Riku's theme from KH2

13) Favourite world KH:
Hollow Bastion. They killed it in KH2 ;_; wtf at Radiant Garden. And End of the World. It was spiffy.

14) Favorite world KH2:
The World That Never Was. SO AWESOME.

15) Least favorite world KH:
Deep Jungle UGH.

16) Least favorite world KH2:
Tron's world, though that's mainly because it was ALWAYS preventing me from storyline stuff. And ughhh I didn't like Pride Lands either. Being a lion is HARD and I missed the drive forms.

17) Favorite guest party member KH1:
Beast! He saved my life when I was abandoned by my friends XD

18) Favorite guest party member KH2:
zomg RIKU. I love that boy. His limit with Sora = made of PURE WIN ;D

19) Favorite party overall KH:
Sora Donald Goofy ftw!

20) Favorite party overall KH2:
Sora Riku Donald- Riku is amazing and Donald does all the healing fun-ness

22) Dream party, if any (either game):
EVERYONE XD XD XD Seriously, um...Sora Riku Kairi would be AMAZING (KH3? Please?) and Sora Riku Roxas would be fun tooooo.

23) Favorite spell KH:
Aero! I miss that ;_;

24) Favorite spell KH2:
Cure. I didn't really use any others ^^;;

25) Favourite summon KH:
Tinkerbell. zomg she saved my life SO MANY TIMES. I miss her soooo much in KH2 ;_;

26) Favourite summmon KH2:
um. Summons were in KH2? ahaha. I've used Genie a couple times and he's amusing, so...yeah...that's about it though.

27) Favourite drive form KH2:
Final! Whoooo pretteh-ness.

28) Triangle button; yes or no?:
Hell yes. SO FUN. Makes things easyyyyy ;D

29) Favorite mini-game:
Oh, all of them in Twilight Town were pretty fun. I spent forever getting the time for Poster Duty to complete Jiminy's Journal, though.

30) Favorite boss:
I...don't know! I really liked the possessed!Riku fight in KH1, though. I CAN NOW BEAT IT AT LEVEL 43! I'm amazing XD

31) Toughest boss fight (storyline):
Repliku in Riku's story of CoM until I leveled up a bit more. Then he was easyyyy. Xaldin was super easy on Standard but then he KICKED MY BUTT a billion times on Proud ;_; And the first time I played KH1 dragon!Maleficient kicked my ass soooo many times until I just let Donald and Goofy do all the fight for me X)

32) Toughest boss fight (optional/etc):
Sephiroth (KH1 more than KH2) and UGH Kurt Zisa.

33) Be honest; did King Mickey have to save you often?:
Only once on Standard (that weird Heartless thing in Beast's Castle) and 6 times on Proud. ALL OF WHICH WERE IN THE XALDIN FIGHT. ^^;;;;;;;

34) Do you think Anti-Form can be controlled, or is it completely random?
I don't really care ^^;; I think it's pretty damn random though, and I never get it ;_;

35) Which KH game is your favourite?:
I like KH1 and KH2 about equally xD

36) Least favourite?:
Ummm almost everyone says CoM but I actually really like it. I'm gonna go with KH1: FM because we never got it ;_;

I've been fangirling over FFVII these days because I'm replaying it. Right now, I'm cruising around in the buggy and training before going to Gongaga. I'm having fun leveling up my materia XD

On that note, I want Crisis Core really, really bad. But I'm going to need to buy a PSP to play it...ah well. I guess I should start saving now! ahaha I'm such a little fangirl.

And ummmm I think I'm going to try to use this more often :)
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