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oh sweet jeezus

Oh for goodness sakes. I logged into LJ today and OHMYGODPINKPURPLEHEARTS. wtf. This is why I stick with GJ, y'all.

ugghhhh I need to update this thing more. I just...never do haha. I'm so bad. I have a paid account and everything. OH WELLS.

I need to fix the banner in my info. I've been seventeen for over a month now and it still says I'm sixteen. I DON'T KNOW WHERE I PUT THE PSD THOUGH AHHHH.

Wellll if I find the psd for this layout I'm turning it into the layout for sm.net. lmao I'm too lazy to come up with anything new. The last new thing I made was an example layout here with Roxas on it. And this is still my favourite banner EVAH SRSLY.

I've had more days off school this month than I've actually spent in classes. And I have a five day weekend coming up this weekend. omg if we have another snow day tomorrow I won't have to go back until Wednesday! THAT'S OVER A WEEK WITH NO SCHOOL YAY.

uhhhh yeah I'm done now.
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