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In some corner of my mind, I thought that it would be a good idea to make cookies this evening, even though I have to take my English final tomorrow. And not just any cookies, but Organization XIII cookies. Oh yeah. So I googled a sugar cookie recipe and this is what I came up with.

Cut with a knife for ultimate precision! I originally used a toothpick, but that wasn't working. There's donut there because it represents Nobodies. BECAUSE THEY TOTALLY ARE BOTH MISSING SOMETHING INSIDE THEM, WOE DDDD:

My failure at a Heartless symbol. It got baked, but it never made it to the icing stage because I got lazy.

My brother's somewhat successful Nobody symbol. I made a billion and they all FAILED. They all looked like a penis (would the plural be penises? penii?) and I got frustrated with them XD


But never fear! The cookies still got made! Here we have a finished Saix (which I actually like quite a lot) and a half-finished Marluxia and Zexion.

Finished Demyx and Zexion! Whoo! I like how Zexion came out (omg, I spent like 10 minutes making the icing colour for his hair), but meh, Demyx could be better. I like the hair colour though~

Axel and Roxas! They look adorable and they both came out semi-okay, even if the Axel cookie is tinier than the others. OH WELL.

Larxene looks like a fat kid, Vexen and Saix's hair kept breaking, and Xemnas looks a bit like Santa. I probably should have considered that I have NO ARTISTIC ABILITIES WHATSOEVER before I started making these things.

*hides* I AM SO SORRY THESE ONES ARE SO BAD. Xaldin looks like Hagrid ;_; Xigbar was doing okay until his hair broke off. AND I HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR LUXORD OR LEXAEUS. I just failed, which makes me sad because I actually think those two are quite awesome. DDDDD:

And here's everyone! Yay~!

Unfortunately (or maybe it's quite fortunate), the recipe I got is not very yummy. They're too salty ;_; So I didn't eat any (except for the donut as a taster XD) and now I have a load of sugar cookie dough in my fridge. OH WELL. Maybe next time I won't fail so much at these.

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