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akuroku drabbles

Since I have finally gotten around to making my journal only slightly friends only, I must now include these drabbles. I wrote them when I should have been working on NaNoWriMo, haha.

Title: Hips and Hearts
Rating: PG/PG-13-ish
Spoilers: None, really
Summary: Takes place during Roxas in Twilight Town, probably the 1st or 2nd day? Before Roxas meets up with Axel, at least. Roxas has been having dreams, and they're not all about Sora.

Roxas woke up in a sweat, breathing heavily. He had had that dream again. Between the broken memories of a familiar looking boy named Sora who traveled the worlds with a giant key, he would occasionally have a different dream. It was always the same: blurred at the edges and muffled, but he didn't really need to see it.

It was a dream of feeling. Roxas couldn't explain it, really, rather than to say that he felt the dream instead of seeing it. It a mix of want and need, bruised lips and hips brushing, crushing, crashing...it was a yearn for hearts that he didn't understand and yet it all made perfect sense. He could feel liquid green eyes staring at him, a flash of red hair, a whisper of a name on his lips.

And then he would awaken and it would begin to fade, hiding in the corners of his mind. Roxas desperately grasped at the last wisps of the dream, but it was always too late. It was a doomed memory, never to come clearly to light.

Title: We Promised
Rating: G/PG
Spoilers: Only for the first six days, I guess
Summary: A moment of happiness, because they seem to get it so rarely.

Axel grins as he stands up, pulling his blond companion up with him. Roxas almost falls over at the unexpected change in location and Axel merely laughs, refusing to give into the shorter boy's pout.

"I'd like some warning next time," Roxas says with a glare, but his voice is full of mirth.

"But where would the fun be in that?" Axel replies, knowing full well that with Roxas, there is always fun to be had.

"I'm so glad I found you again," Roxas says suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

Axel smiles, his heart swelling in happiness. This time, they can be together without anyone getting in their way and they can feel with hearts of their own.

"Of course you found me," Axel says in reply, pulling Roxas closer and brushing a light kiss on the blond's lips. "We promised."

Feedback is niiiice.
Tags: akuroku, axel, kingdom hearts, roxas
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