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Oh my, I am like...certifiably (hell if I spelled that right) insane. bwahahaha. I'm home playing KH2 and I'd just like to say that everything is amusing the fuck out of me. I don't think it helps that it's the last day as Roxas so there's no bg music and I'm like...ehehehehe HE MAKES NOISES!

I make Roxas walk...EVERYWHERE. Running sounds loud, so he has to just walk. And then I accidentally leaned on the controller...oh my. Roxas was walking in a circle for like ten minutes straight because I couldn't stop laughing.

He's also had to jump like whoa because it amuses me. ah, I need to stop. But it's just too much fun! I'm sure my cats think I'm high XD XD XD
Tags: fangirl moments, kingdom hearts, roxas
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