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prewriting crap

NaNoWriMo is in less than a week *nervous* I still have loads of school work to catch up on...bleh. I can do it though! No crew, so yeah. More free time!

Anyway, I think I've finally come up with the general plot and pairings. Everyone remembers The Parent Trap, right? With little Lindsay Lohan and shit? Yeah. I totally have an idea that is sorta like that.

Sora & Roxas are twins, but parents are seperated. They live on opposite ends of the country, but both end up at camp together one summer as room mates. After discovering their "twin-ness", they decide to switch places to meet the other parent. Since they're just fooling their parents, they don't have to fool their friends. Which is gooooood. But then they don't wanna switch back.

Pairings: AkuRoku, and either Soriku or Rikairu...still debating on that one. Zemyx on the side for extra flavouring :P

The only downside is...I don't know if I can make that 100,000 words. I would kinda like it more if maybe it...stayed at camp? All the fun people are at camp maybe? I DON'T KNOW! Or a boarding school? Or high school? or omg I just don't even know. I have to come up with one that I am going to love to death for a month and 100,000 words. Dude. I've never written that much. I am so nervous to the point of explosion. omg. *death*

I CAN DO IT THOUGH! I just have to...make time and energy. Apparently I'm not sleeping this coming month ^^;;
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