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mini life update

I can update this or write in my diary, and guess which one is more convenient? XD Someday I'll actually upkeep all aspects of my life, but.....not today, lmao.

Last week I got my first vaccine shot!! Pat got his yesterday and Liz gets theirs tomorrow, so we'll all be fully vaccinated around the same time :D I'm looking forward to a better summer than last year, at the very least!!!

Speaking of that- Liz and I went to the mall for the first time in like, a year, and caught up with some of the employees at the Hot Topic, who were super excited to see us :D The store manager is fantastic and I've actually known her since college, she's been there so long. So that was really nice ;w;

We're once again short-staffed at work because a bunch of people called out and some of our newly hired people aren't as reliable as expected >< So that's been fun!!! Probably gonna have to work an extra day again this week, which I'm super not thrilled about. Just....bluh. I dunno, is it so hard to find people who work out????

In better news, I actually wrote and posted a drabble this week!!! I joined [community profile] chenqing_100 and managed to write something for the first prompt. I'm really hoping I can use drabbles to get back into writing more regularly again, but we'll see. Work burnout has been murderous, and I don't really see it changing any time soon...
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