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kh prompts

........good to know that kingdom100 never deletes claims!! I claimed zemyx back in 2006, wrote two things, and then fucked off, because I'm terrible at completing things. But now with the release of kh3, I'm like, super jazzed to write a bunch of kh fic again!!!! So I was gonna just use the prompt table again and complete it as a personal project, but I figured I should see what happened to my claim. And it's technically still active XD

So. Hm. Guess I'll really be back on my bullshit, then XD I found my original post of the prompt table, but I think I'm gonna repost it once I actually start writing. I don't want to go digging back that far every time I need it.

Seriously though. Hoping these adhd meds keep working so that I can actually complete tasks, plz.
Tags: writing, zemyx

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