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hello february!!

Welp, January pretty much flew by, with work, birthday, and KH3...It was a busy time! Now is the season of....even busier work :T Valentines Day is a wild time for adult stores, for some odd reason.

I beat KH3 uhhhh Wednesday night/Thursday morning? It was like 3 am, okay, and I fucking beat it early enough that the secret ending wasn't available for download yet!!! I was like oh come on, it's the 31st already, gimme what I earned for playing on Proud XD This is a spoiler free post tho; I have a lot of thoughts but I need time to ruminate on them more.

Also, finally did my check in for [community profile] getyourwordsout and mehhh I'm not happy with how much I wrote in January, but it was better than nothing. I always struggle in the winter, but I wanna change that some day. I have some shit I need to get done in the next week.

SPEAKING OF THAT ACTUALLY!!! I started taking ADHD meds yesterday, and I already feel good about it!! I got a ton of housework done that I'd been putting off, without even stressing about it. I'm just on a super low dose for the first few days, so it'll be a bit before I get the full effect. However, I'm very hopeful! I want to be able to do things!!!!!!!!!
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