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Kingdom Hearts 3 Liveblogging: Part 2

I actually took some more pictures of the upcoming worlds!! This liveblog continues to be very spoiler heavy, in both text and visual ways, so click the cut at your own risk!

It's also still in Japanese (obviously...), but I will probably continue this once I get my hands on my English copy on Monday night.

Before I get into the actual recap: We made a bad(ish) life choice and pulled an all nighter XD I slept for a few hours before going into work but you know what? Worth it. I've just got a little bit of Arendelle to go (I think, it's....a bit of a confusing world) and then onto Pirates/Big Hero/Pooh!!! I'm trying so hard to get through this before the English release, because I don't want to have to go all the way back to the beginning when I'm so close to the end :D

THIS GORGEOUS SCENERY HOOOOOLY SHIT!!!! I wanna cry over every world and how beautiful it is, but seriously? Kairi and Lea have a beautiful training ground.

MY GIRL!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! Kairi has been one of my favorite characters since KH1 - I even got my hair cut like hers in middle school!!! - and I'm really hopeful that she gets some more attention in KH3. So far I'm feelin good :D


Cries deeply over Lea. I love how he's obviously just, so awkward around Kairi because of that whole kidnapping thing...it's like yes hello I am a very awkward man and my solution to everything is sea salt ice cream.

I lost my shit over Xion, Lea burst into tears, dropped his ice cream, and I stopped taking pics because I was too busy crying too. This whole scene hurt me deeply ;w;

And then hey, guess who didn't take any pics during Toy Box? Meeeeeeee!! I was too busy being immersed in gameplay to pull out my phone, okay, it was so good. I'm struggling to remember the details now because I've slept about 12 hours in the past 3 days, but it gave me a good chance to play with all the different play style options and really get a feel for how I wanted to play.

I mean, part of that is limited by my understanding of the instructions, but the game is intuitive enough that I've been picking up most of it. Or maybe I've been fucking it all up, but I won't know until I play in English XD

Liz had a lot more thoughts on Toy Box that were really smart and good, and mine are just HITTING THINGS IS FUN AND WE GOT AN EXTRA HOUR IN THE BALL PIT!!!

Moving on..............

Kingdom of Corona is beautiful, but you know what else is beautiful? Finally seeing Marluxia's specific nobodies!!! The Reapers are so good, I love them!!! They teleport, they throw rose petals around, and they're bitches with scythes. All in all, very fitting for him.

Speaking of.... I was so pumped to see him!! Marluxia's one of my fave villains in KH (which isn't super obvious since I don't mention him much, but that's on me lol), and I actually...recognize his Japanese voice a lot more easily than his English one......probably from playing so much Re:CoM in Japanese??????

I loved these friendos in 0.2 and while I've definitely enjoyed seeing all the heartless from the Dark World out and about, these are the best and most exciting for me!!!!! Also, taking pictures while playing is hard and stupid XD

Holy shit it's so gorgeous.

HOLY SHIT IT'S SO GORGEOUS!!!!!! I spent SO much time running around Corona!!! I actually loved the dancing mini game, especially since Sora can dance with men and women. LET! SORA! BE! BI!!!!!

Hey so maybe someone should stop Marluxia from creeping on teenage girls....No? We're just gonna continue that theme? Sounds like a KH game to me!!!

Marluxia: What if I just...put you to sleep? Night night!

Looks like Sora's problem with sleeping hasn't stopped....it's not great! I was really worried that he wouldn't wake up somehow?? But thankfully Maximus helped us out :D

ENJOY BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF MOTHER GOTHEL'S HEARTLESS!!!!!!!! It was annoying but not impossible by any means, and I had a lot of fun running around the environment. Everything is just so incorporated now!!!!!!! It's really making boss fights a lot of fun.

This is just so awkward for Riku because he was kinda responsible for the deaths of two of these people...and unlike Sora, he actually remembers his time in Castle Oblivion. Looks like it's a no hard feelings kinda time though, since everyone is more worried about the Aqua situation, as well as Roxas (and replicas in general). Unfortunately, we uh. Lost Even. I'm sure that's not a major problem or anything...

Hey Saix, who ya talkin to? It couldn't possible be Vexen or anything, could it?

Whoops. Found Even. He's being a creepy problem XD And as is the theme now I guess, I'm cutting this liveblog here with another creepy face! I gotta finish up this shift of work and get home, so I'll have to play catch up on my liveblog during my shift tomorrow....I've got feels about Monstropolis...
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