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I have a fucking headache over this...

Why is it so damn hard to get a simple image host installed??? I got tired of using photobucket after their first big dumb decision a couple years ago, so I've been using my own domain & hosting since. However, I pretty quickly got tired of having to manually type out the URLs of images, so last year I decided to install an image hosting script to make it easier.

Long story short: it's not easier :T

I'm currently using chevereto, which...works, I guess. I definitely think it would be better suited as a photo hosting site (similar to flickr) as opposed to "where Killian hosts pictures of their OCs and shit for fandom sites" but I've still been using it. It's pretty convenient.

However, I am now having a major issue with it. The most recent update refused to install - I tried a few times and it kept timing out - so I just ignored it. Apparently that was the wrongest answer, because it decided to kick itself into maintenance mode to update.

A few minutes, my ass. It's been stuck like that for at least 24 hours now, since I only discovered it yesterday when I went to upload pics for my last entry. So now I'm like....how long as it been stuck like this.......?????

So whatever, I was slammed at work and stressed the fuck out, so I went to Waffle House afterwards and then bed. I hoped it would somehow fix itself overnight, but no luck. I was like fine, I'll go submit a support ticket.

NOPE! The "open a support ticket" link just takes you the public support forums. That's not...the same thing...thankfully Liz is the best wife ever and is making a post for me, but that's just too stressful? I hate posting things in public????

Anyway, fingers crossed I can get this resolved ;w; I went poking around for other image hosting scripts, but they're all basically the same as what I have now. Is it really so hard to just have a simple page that displays the thumbnails with the direct link under them??? That's all I fucking want. I hate having to click on every individual image to get the code but apparently that's all there is out there >
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