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Happy 29th birthday to me!!!

I'm at work today, but I've had a good one so far!! I went out for Korean BBQ with friends last Thursday to celebrate two of our birthdays - Zippy's is on the 11th - so that was really nice. I'm probably gonna do something with Liz and Pat this coming Thursday, too :D

Yesterday was my day off though, and I just laid around the house eating leftover thai food and playing kingdom hearts :D I got all the special portals in Dream Drop Distance, which was mostly just needlessly time consuming. Liz worked in the morning, then came home and made us dinner ♥ And then Pat came over for more kingdom hearts and dessert (aka he ate handfuls of cookie dough out of the fridge).

Birthday gifts from Liz and Pat!! Lotsa beauty stuff to go with my vanity and makeup obsession :D

I started yesterday with a very soothing bath bomb from Lush.

Ethyl kept me company while I played video games all day ♥

....except for when Lumos stole my whole arm and snuggled in my lap.

Vanity top with the new mirror!!!! I love my combination goth and cutesy aesthetic going on with all of it.

Birthday looks ✌️

All in all, a good birthday celebration so far!! Though I will say, I went from having a fine day at work to a really shitty one, so that's not so great :T Pat's meeting up with me and Liz for Waffle House afterwards though, which should help. I love me some Waffle House :D
Tags: birthdays, cats, cats: ethyl, cats: lumos, liz, pat, pictures, wife, zippy
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