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updated my ao3 profile!!

I actually...ran out of characters doing this..............I've never had to trim anything from a profile before but apparently I had a lot of words for ao3 XD

My AO3 Profile!!!

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it now! It has a proper rundown of the pseuds I use, a transformative works statement, and nice looking coding. It's simple but classy, and I think it'll be easy to update without having to completely redo it if I wanna change anything.

Also shhhh I updated my age to 29 even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow. I just didn't wanna have to go back and update it again already, especially since I'll already have a bunch of different sites to update. I have...a list.....since I have way too fucking many places I live online. I kinda want to trim it down some, but also...why bother? It's easier to everything and just link less used sites to where I'm more active.
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