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I'm still dieting, btw...I just never get around to updating about it. *is lazy* I'm down to 181 as of this morning, which is still more than I want to weight. But it's an improvement! I want to be down to 170 by the end of July (for Otakon) & I'm on schedule with that. If I could just stop eating everything at the bakery... XD

Today is cleaning day >_< I have to finish up my room because it is just a disaster. I really just want to write fanfiction all day but I have soooo much to get done D:

On the plus side, I have happy techno bouncy music to entertain me!

Also, I have no idea how I'm going to get my sleep schedule back in order. Being off for two days really wrecks havoc on it...I went to bed last night when I'm normally waking up for work. oops.
Tags: cleaning, diet, weight loss
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