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new job!

I quit Subway today. NEVER HAS LIFE BEEN SO WONDERFUL. It's like the sky is a brighter shade of blue & the birds are singing and I can breathe better & yes, I'm happy.

No, I didn't just quit...that would be stupid. I got hired by Vector to sell Cutco knives. Cait worked for them last summer and absolutely loves it. Everyone at the office seemed so happy with their jobs, which is a plus because I do not want to be in a place like Subway again.

My training starts on Thursday & then working officially starts next week. I GET TO WORK SOMEWHERE NEW!!! The hours are super flexible and I get to pick how much I work each week. I also get paid weekly & oh, get this: $14.25/hr. Oh yeah. Also commission from selling knives.

I don't get paid for training, which kind of sucks, but I can deal because I'm getting out of Subway. OH GOD. I will keep the world updated on this happiness.

Also I went SHOPPING~~~ tonight at Macy's for new clothes for work. I need some nicer professional looking stuff. I got some really nice shirts + suit pants & jacket. I'm going to look so spiffy :D

Tomorrow: work at Gamestop & messing around in Photoshop during the day. Uh. Also laundry & organizing my new clothes.
Tags: cutco, gamestop, shopping, subway, work
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