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Something I've been meaning to do for awhile: type up a list of all the pairings I support/read in various fandoms. Yeah yeah, I'm such a nerd. And let me tell you, I have been in a lot of fandoms OVER THE YEARS so this is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Fandoms are in alphabetical order. Pairings are in whatever order I think of them in. Some all are explained just because lolz, I do these things. I underlined those that I read/write a lot.

Orihime x Ulquiorra
--I fell in love with this through just reading the manga...I didn't even realize it was vaguely popular because I'm not hugely into Bleach fandom. Cait & I squeed about it every week last winter/spring when the new chapters went up.
Ichigo x Rukia
--Eh. Fairly obvious and there was this really good fanfic I read once that took a realistic look at it
Byakuya x Renji
--Patti's fault. She sent me fanfics to read because she knows how much I appreciate hot men sleeping with each other.
Shunsui x Nanao
--Also Patti's fault. And I love their interactions :D Nanao is great, seriously, I think she's awesome.

Danny Phantom
Danny x Sam
--Oh man did I love this pairing...back when I still got cable. Uh. Yeah?

Death Note
L x Light
--Yeah well...who doesn't? And I fucking love L! I couldn't focus on the manga after he died D:

Final Fantasy VII
Aeris x Sephiroth
--In summer 2004, when I first played FFVII, I clicked on this silly little fanfic on the front page of ff.net's FFVII section. It was a humorous crack fic but it made me want to read more of the pairing. So I did. And then I was like oh my god this is freaking awesome.
Aeris x Zack
--This comes from playing Crisis Core. Before that I had very little interest in it >_>
Rufus x Tifa
--Once again, fanfiction...there are a couple really good authors over on ff.net who write this pairing and I think the two would be very interesting together, to say the least.
Cloud x Zack
--Oh look. Yaoi. God, I can tell that this fandom is from my yaoi-hating days; every other pairing is het. This is from playing Crisis Core, which was pretty damn gay. Like everything else made by Square, really.
Yuffie x Reno
--Uhhh I think this is all my own head. I love Yuffie and Reno. And them together. I dunno what my original reasoning for this was...
Tseng x Elena
--I just like it. I can't even remember all my FFVII pairings; I haven't been active in this fandom for a long time.

Fruits Basket
Tohru x Kyo
--BEFORE THE SERIES ENDED AND IT BECAME CANON, BITCHES. I was so into FB back in 2002-2004. It was kind of overridden by my massive love for KH, though. But anyway, I always loved this pairing from when I first picked up FB.
Shigure x Ayame x Hatori
--They'd be HILARIOUS together XD

Harry Potter
Draco x Hermione
--I have soooo much love for this pairing. It's partially because I have this whole good vs bad obsession, but also because I think they'd just work. You know, after arguing and bitching at each other for years. Hermione needs someone who can keep up with her intelligence and Draco needs someone who can take him down a notch.
Remus x Sirius
--This, my friends, is my first ever yaoi pairing. OH YEAH. I remember reading PoA and being like...those two seem pretty close...then I got a little older, discovered the internet, and gained an obsession with it :D
Ginny x Tom Riddle
--For when I'm feeling particularly creepy :3 It's got some interesting fanfics >_> I think this may win the "creepiest pairing Killian reads" award.

Kagome x Inuyasha
--And yet we never got a canon kiss. cries. I loved this fandom hardcore in 2005 & I still read little bits of it every once in awhile.
Miroku x Sango
--I SHIPPED THIS BEFORE IT WAS CANON. BECAUSE I WAS A COOL 15 YEAR OLD. Or at least I thought I was. I love the interactions between these two.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Mukuro x Hibari
--I either pick really obscure or really over-loved pairings. This is one of those fairly obscure ones, sadly, because I really really like it. Another of my enemies have the best sex ones XD
Gokudera x Tsuna
--Eh, I don't actively search it out but I think it's cute~

Kingdom Hearts
Axel x Roxas
--oh my god no way! I've never mentioned liking this pairing before! :O Seriously though, second yaoi pairing here. I was super against yaoi in my KH and then KH2 came along. I was playing it and I was like "huh, this is basically the gayest game I've ever played". Then I got mono & had nothing better to do than read fanfics all day. Oh yaoi. My love for you was created by mono.
Zexion x Demyx
--All thanks to Dualism~ I don't know what else I could even say about this...just that I think it's great.
Riku x Kairi
--Back in the day when KH was still a small fandom, before even CoM, there were a very little group of authors who wrote this pairing. I stumbled upon something by Ari Powwel and then I was hooked. Her stuff is very very awesome & I was soooo in awe of her writing :D
Sora x Kairi x Riku
--After playing KH2, I just could not imagine separating the trio anymore. Hence my love for threesomes shows up in KH.
Yuffie x Leon
--Once again, back in the early days of KH, there weren't all that many characters. And I loved het (still do, really). Deplora wrote some really good stuff, and it makes me sad that this pairing basically died after the yaoi overtook KH.
Namine x Marluxia
--Uh. Another one of those vaguely creepy ones I like...no explanations here, just creepy :P
Axel x Saix
--I want to read it after playing 358/2 Days. I haven't yet. But someday, I will >_>
Xemnas x Saix
--Oh come on, they monologue at each other on top of buildings about how someday they will be able to have feelings. For each other.

Ciel x Sebastian
--If I have to explain this I will cry. That manga is basically yaoi...it should totally be classified as such, at least.

Nana x Nana
--Because there is some sexual tension there. Mmmm, yuri. Also I've only read up to volume 11, so I'm way behind...

Peach Girl
Kiley x Momo
--I was soooo into Peach Girl in...uh...2002? 2003? Something like that? I still love it and I really, really wish that I owned more than the first two volumes. Anyway, I wrote fanfiction for this pairing in my diary...and it is utter shit, let me tell you. But I had fun with it :D

Petshop of Horrors
Count D x Leon
--Story here. My cousin bought me the first volume ages ago, I read it, liked it, and promptly forgot about it. Fast forward to 2006 when I had mono. I was bored and rereading all my manga. OH THE YAOI. HOW DID I MISS IT??

Jessie x James
--Hellz yes. This was my fandom back when I was like...10. I was off reading fanfiction pre-ff.net, oh yeah. I read some utter shit, but that's because my tastes were pretty bad back then XD I have a much light-hearted look at this pairing these days.
Misty x Brock
--Because...just because. I don't know. Just 'cause.
Pikachu x Meowth
--I have a little drabble of this pairing in a notebook somewhere. I kind of want to rewrite it.

Sailor Moon/Sailor V
Minako x Kaitou Ace
--I actually love the Sailor V manga more than Sailor Moon. gasp. I can't believe it STILL hasn't been released in English. I read it from scans + translations, though I have since tracked down a scanlation. Anyway, this pairing was, and still is, great. I want more of it to exist D: I have yet to find a fanfic of it...
Chibi-Usa x Helios
--Errr. I thought it was sweet when I first watched SuperS, back on Cartoon Network...when I still had cable. AND THEY STILL SHOWED DECENT THINGS ON THAT CHANNEL.

Malik x Yami Bakura
--OH THIEFSHIPPING. MY LOVER. I mean, what? This is all the abridged series fault, though that can theoretically be said about anything yugioh related, because that's what got me into the fandom. Beyond that, I just love how they interact. Malik is such a spoiled little bitch & Bakura...puts up with it, no adequately explained reason. Unless he was getting laid. Really >_> No one puts up with that much shit for nothing XD
Yami Malik x Ryou
--It kept showing up as a vague side pairing in some thiefshipping fics I was reading. I was like ehhh I guess? But then there was this one fanfic and then another one and then all of a sudden I was like oh fuck, this is awesome creepy.
Ryou x Yami Bakura x Malik x Yami Malik
--Conspireshipping. My other lover. I like all the combinations of these four, especially the four of them together. In bed. Oh man. I could write pages and pages on this :D I'm just sad that there isn't that much decent fanfiction of it. And by "that much" I mean "any at all".
Yuugi x Yami Yuugi/Atem
--Oh come on. "Hey let's hold hands for no adequately explained reason and scream over each other and talk about the other constantly and la-de-da." I love these two~
Yami Bakura x Yami Yuugi
--This is all cosplay's fault. Patti & I cosplayed them (not purposefully as a couple) and then were like huh, I guess we should check out this pairing. So we did. And it was very much awesome. Because mortal enemies have the hottest sex.
Kaiba x Ishizu
--Straight? In MY yugioh? It's more likely than you think! I just think these two were get along very well...mainly because Ishizu would not put up with his shit XD
Kaiba x Jounouchi
--Just because there's enough sexual tension between these two to suffocate the world.
Set x Kisara
--Moar straight. I wish this had been more developed in the manga, especially since it is the only canon pairing in the whole series. Except thiefshipping.
Duke x Honda
--Don't ask why Duke keeps his dub name. I think it might be because it's easier to say/spell, god I dunno. Anyway. This is just lolzy. AND AWESOME.

I THINK THAT THIS TOOK OVER AN HOUR. WHAT THE HELL. I OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO LIFE. I encourage all of you to do the same; it's fun!!!

Also I obviously have too many fandoms. TOOOOO MANYYYY. I'm pretty sure I forgot some that I've been in, too...I've had to go back a couple times to add more...
Tags: bleach, fandom, ff vii, harry potter, khr, kingdom hearts, kuroshitsuji, meme, pokemon, sailor moon, yugioh
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