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cat issues

I went to bed at five and woke up at eight. And yes, I'm still full of energy. THREE HOURS OF SLEEP FTW. I handle this surprisingly well. Basically it's like my entire high school experience all over again XD

Today was my ancient history test, which went surprisingly well! YAY! And then instead of risking CCAC's food, I got cheetos for a snack. Yeah...I hadn't had a chance to eat before school due to studying, so I was like fuck it, I don't care. Then sociology was really easy...it was a lot of research methods stuff that I'd already taken with psychology. I wrote fanfiction instead!

Then I did the daily rush home, eat lunch, then pick up Carson from school all within like...an hour. It's cool though, I do enjoy being in the car & driving. And it keeps me busy! :D Today I ended up getting to Carson's school early, so I got some fanfic writing done. I'm really trying to write and finish a chaptered fic, since I've never accomplished that before.

We didn't end up getting the cat from Animal Friends. We went back out this evening and apparently they hadn't told us about the majority of his health problems. He requires daily medicine & has a chronic vomiting problem, on top of having to have special food. And we didn't find this out until after they had made us sit around for a good hour and a half. So we're going to try the humane society and Animal Rescue League instead.

It's a mess >_>

But anyway. I'm off to fanfic world again!!! Yami Malik is a cat. For serious. It's going to be awesome XD
Tags: cats, college, fandom, fanfics, yugioh
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