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study abroad~

I've been really, really busy and still have no time to update on it D: But anyway, update on studying abroad:

Goucher didn't have a Japan program, so as much as I wanted desperately to go to Japan, it would be pretty difficult. I'd have to go through another college and it would mess with my financial aid and I probably wouldn't be able to afford it.

So, I decided on London instead. There's a psychology program through Goucher at Westminster College that looks really amazing. It would be cheaper and way more convenient, especially since I wouldn't have to learn another language.

However! I just got an email from Goucher, saying they have added 20 new semester long study abroad programs. Two of which are in Japan. SO OH MY GOD. I MIGHT BE GOING ANYWAY!!! There's a Japanese culture, society, language, and art one in Nagasaki that looks like all kinds of FUN!

*spazz time*

Guess I have to enroll in the Japanese class over at Towson anyway~

Now to try to work through comments >_>

EDIT: Now that I've read them, the Osaka programs looks more like what I want. Plus OSAKA. I want to go there!! It looks like fun~!

The Osaka program allows students to concentrate on Japan and its language, culture and society, or broaden their East Asia focus through additional study of the language and society of China or Korea. The program aims to promote a better understanding of the cultural, religious, social, economic and political aspects of Japan and its neighbors. Classes are small, the homestay program is well established, and a variety of activities both on and off campus are readily available. Japan is a fascinating country rich in culture, history and a diverse environment; the combination of which produces one of the most distinctive societies in the world. The Kwansei Gakuin University Japan and East Asia Studies Program (JEASP) is designed to explore this fascinating country within the larger context of East Asia. USAC students attending this program have the unique opportunity to study and live in a culturally rich city.
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