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Otakon - day one

Otakon = amazing. Just fyi.

Day one started with over three hours in line waiting to get in and register. We met some awesome people in line, so that was good. But still. THREE HOURS. That really contributed to our being exhausted thing. Plus we both had our chests bound so we were like...unable to breathe. Oh Baltimore in the summer.

Once we got in, we spent a good hour hunting for the fountains so we could get to the Yugioh photoshoot. WAY TO GO US. We followed an Ishizu and a Kaiba thinking they knew where they were going, but apparently they didn't either because they asked us for help. EVENTUALLY we found it :D And it was AWESOME. The Malik cosplayer was super awesome~

Then the wandering around began! We found the dealers room and made it about, oh, 1/4 of the way through. Seriously. IT'S HUGE. Tekkoshocon is nothing compared to this. I was kind of in overwhelmed excitement all day. But yeah, I hit up the yaoi doujin table pretty early on and drooled over that for awhile...then hunted around for stuff to hang off my DS.

We left the con to get lunch after that & then went back to the hotel just to rebind ourselves and rest for a second. One three hour nap later...we made it back to the con in time to look at the artists alley and buy ygo abridged t-shirts :D Then we went to the cosplay pajama party and watched them play duck duck goose. Until security stopped them XD We also sat down and played the yugioh card game for awhile, that was fun.

And then dinner...at about 11:30. Oh man. Good times. Then I uploaded pictures and passed out.

My pictures so far! :D
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