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meme time~

Meme stolen from iceberry! I have a TON of fandoms...most of them are in my interests. Or profile. Or something...

Give me a fandom, and I'll respond to the following questions accordingly~

Favourite character:
Least favourite character:
Character with the best hair:
Character with the best eyes:
Character I'd most want to kiss:
Character I'd most likely shag:
Character I'd most likely hug:
Character I'd make lunch for:
Character I'd go singing in the rain with:
Character I'd go shopping with:
Character I'd go dancing with:
Character I'd take over the world with:
Character I most want to see more of:
Favourite het pairing:
Favourite slash pairing:
Favourite femslash pairing:

IN OTHER NEWS I am really enjoying The Tonight Show. The opening was HILARIOUS XD Will Ferrall was just carried in like a pharoah and all I could think was YUGIOHHHHH XD
Tags: bleach, fandom, meme, yugioh
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