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blargghh lazy update

Welcome new friends from the Yugioh friending meme

I have too much to update on but I'm too lazy to actually focus on it. The highlight of the past few days: I went to work on Monday in Bakura cosplay, minus the wig because I don't have it yet. Sadly, we had all of 20 customers that evening due to it being memorial day, so no one recognized me D:

ALSO. My new, soon-to-be-announced graphics journal should be opening tonight. Or tomorrow. The layout is almost done, I think...I'm about 80% done with coloring the manga pages and I already have the idea sketched out in my head and on paper. I just wish that I hadn't chosen such detailed pages to color. Seriously. I've put hours and hours into two panels >_<

Tomorrow I'm going to Chipotle for FREE BURRITOS!!! and then Joy's Japanimation because it's out that way. I'm tempted to go in cosplay again but I really do need to get that wig...I get paid Friday so that's probably when I'll order it XD

Tags: bakura, cosplay, graphics, icons, yugioh
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