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Cait & I made ourselves dinner tonight! It was super exciting :3

So, back story. Cait got back from Megacon on Sunday night and has been craving ramune soda since then. There was a snow day on Monday!!! during which we just sat around and playing KH2. I'm replaying it so Cait can get all the storyline. I've made a KH fangirl out of her :3

Also, we did a photoshoot out in the snow. She's Sakura from Naruto, but as if she were in the Akatsuki. She ran around in the snow while I froze my fingers off taking pictures. Also I know nothing about Naruto, so like the whole thing makes no sense to me...I'm reading it soon though, I just get distracted easily...

SO!! Today after class, we took the zipcar out to hunt down Japanese food. The first Asian food store we went to was in the ghetto and was SUPER epic. It was literally a warehouse. It just had a slab of wood as the door, the inside had no heat, barely any light, and just had huge amounts of rice, Japanese food, and chairs for sale. wtf at the chairs. But yeah, it was AMAZING. Super ghetto too, which reminds me of home...I feel like I'm living in such a fancy neighborhood these days XD

ANYWAY. Since they didn't have the soda, we went to the next place. We pulled into a Panera parking lot to borrow their wireless so we could Google maps the directions. When we got there, it turned out that they were closed on Tuesdays.

Instead of hunting down more free wireless, we went to CVS and bought a map of Baltimore. FINALLY. So we used the map to get to another Asian food store. We drove past the street once because it was named something different, which made me laugh. ALL of Pittsburgh is like that...or there are just no street names listed ANYWHERE. It's great.

This place was AWESOME. We ended up buying dumplings, a BUNCH of snack foods (oh shrimp chips, you are super delicious!!), chow mein noodles, soy sauce, a teriyaki marinade, tons of ramune soda, and other miscellaneous things. Then we stopped at Super Fresh to buy chicken, vegetables, and vegetable oil to fry things in.

Dinner went...interestingly. I cooked everything because Cait is a cooking hazard. The chicken was delicious, if I do say so myself. The first round of dumplings sort of fell apart, but the other ones worked fine.

The chow mein noodles...not so much. They would NOT fry D: They just turned into a gooey mass >_< So we ended up tossing them after I tried in vain to save them. Ah well. Everything else was really tasty though!!! :D Cleaning up was a bitch, but it was totally worth it.

I spent the rest of the evening on play Re:CoM. I got through Halloween Town and god, Oogie Boogie was super easy. SO EASY. I think I beat him in under a minute. Lexaeus kicked my ass because I wasn't paying attention. I leveled a little more and then fwoosh, he was super easy.

ZEXION IS SUPER HOT AND AMAZING. OH GOD. That man never shuts up, but that is A-OKAY. mmmmmm.

Destiny Islands = ♥ Poor Riku, he was so sad the whole time D: But yeah, beating Darkside was easy. Zexion? HAHAHHAHAHA no. I got killed once he STOLE ALL MY FUCKING CARDS, ASSHOLE. That's where I decided to quit for the night and just relax.
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