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mmmm someday, I will sleep at normal hours

Reasons Killian should not stay up this late:
-I get silly
-Everything distracts me
-Reading really bad Akuroku fanfics seems like a good idea
-I come up with really odd fanfic ideas

The first two happen often, but tonight I was like OH. AKUROKU. I want to read you. I want a really good post-KH2 Akuroku fic. I have a couple ideas in my head but they would be epic and long and just...I don't have time to write all that.

So, I searched FF.net for Axel & Roxas in Adventure, just to see what I'd get.

Pages of drivel and suck and just...what. There was a "next life" fic where they were at Hogwarts >_< And then there was Axel's sister who "has the hots" for Roxas while apparently Axel is off screwing Larxene. Just...what.

However, one was like ROXAS GOES ON AN ADVENTURE TO FIGHT A DRAGON. And somehow finds Axel along the way. Somehow this, after months of me not writing, has inspired me...

Roxas is the prince who is going off to slay the dragon and rescue the princess. Simple, right? This doesn't go quite the way he planned. The dragon happens to turn into a ridiculously attractive redhead- Axel.

And Marluxia is the princess...but is not a wimp, okay? I'm not turning Marluxia into a fandom cliche. I've seen that enough D: He may have pink hair and fight with flowers, but damn if he isn't frighteningly powerful. And masculine, actually.

But yeah, this is what goes on in my head. I'm going to go outline this now...I'm thinking long one shot, maybe two parts. But nothing epic because I have ENOUGH epic fics planned in my head, seriously.
Tags: akuroku, axel, fanfics, kingdom hearts, roxas
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