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Sora's story: done!

FINISHED SORA'S SIDE. oh snap. Now for a recap~

Hollow Bastion is HUGE, man, HUGE. It wasn't hard until the FUCKING VEXEN FIGHT. That's where I'm stuck in Japanese, actually...but I beat him after only dying once, I think. IT WAS FANTASTIC. I had a happy freak out :D I totally did not expect to beat him so quickly...

Anyway. After that was TWILIGHT TOWN, omg omg omg. That places means SO much more to me after playing KH2. I had happy little spazzes the whole time, but it was actually really weird to be there not as Roxas. I was like...wait, this isn't right, even though the first time I was in TT was as Sora on the GBA. meh. PS2 TT just is such Roxas's place...

Vexen was a bitch to fight, AGAIN, wtf. But Axel, omg, Axel, is so kickass...and such a little bastard. He's like "oh, Vexen, I'm here to kill you~" "no, wait!!!" "good bye" *Vexen bursts into flames* Sora was just like...what.

Repliku gets harder to beat every time >_> And gayer, seriously, there is so much angsting with him and Sora...Also Cait was watching me play at this point and burst out laughing at Repliku's little skirt dress thing XD

DESTINY ISLANDS. I did a huge happy freak when I got there because omg, DESTINY ISLANDS OMG. And little, naive Riku and just...ahhhh. happy happy happy. HUGE THOUGH. wtf at that. And I finally got my damn Megalixir! But jeezus, let me say one thing...key to rewards cards? In the GBA version, they were so hard to get. In the PS2 version they are handing them out like CANDY. As soon as I used one, I would get another one.

Holy crap, Larxene was SO HARD TO FIGHT. Repliku v4 really wasn't that bad, I beat him on the first try. But Larxene? omg. So hard D: Once I FINALLY got through her and her whiny death (like really, what was that?), CASTLE OBLIVION.

It's huge. I'd forgotten how damn big that floor is. And full of death. Trinity limit kept saving my ass, SO MANY TIMES. But you know what was harder? FIGHTING AXEL. I don't care if you have a Roxas to go sex up, I am going to KILL YOU. SERIOUSLY. Also, he says GOT IT MEMORIZED too many damn times.

Though the first time I fought him, I died because I had a huge spazz when he said "come here, I'll make it all stop" I was like OH NOES THAT'S FROM THE ROXAS FIGHT and cried a little...and then he killed me. right. I'm an idiot.

But seriously, I worked on that fight all evening. I was level 67 the first time I tried to fight him and I ended up having to level to 71. And it was STILL really hard. what. Axel, you bastard. Marluxia was a billion times easier.

SPEAKING OF GOOD OLD MARLUXIA. I have a story. When I played CoM on the GBA, I went through the whole thing thinking that Marluxia was just you know, a villian, with light brown hair. Then I got to the final battle and he was sitting up there in his giant pink flowered armor thing and I just went...WTF.

This game managed to do the same thing to me. Apparently his armor now includes a hot pink, pulsating flower seat.

Disturbing armor aside, Marluxia was supa easy. I didn't die on any of his THREE forms, which was nice...I liked when Repliku came in and was like BITCH SLAP IN THE FACE, YO.

Also, I don't mind Namine's new voice actor, actually, she's pretty good. Larxene could have been girlier and Marluxia needed to be more manly...though I've been watching Cait play FFXII and Basch has the same voice actor, so when Marluxia opened his mouth I was just like...BASCH. WHY ARE YOU HERE?


First of all, I've how snarky he is. He's like VOICE, I'm not taking a nap here, it's boring. And then proceeds to yell at the sky when the voice stops talking to him, get pissed at it, and threaten it. Oh, Riku, how I've missed you...

AND ZOMG, NO MORE RELOAD TIME. NO. MORE. RELOAD. TIME. KDJHFIDUFHGFIU. So happy :D But I've been ignoring the game for a bit now D: So I'm going back to it. HOLLOW BASTION, I WILL RULE YOU~
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