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HOLY CRAP BLEACH. again. This is now a Friday thing for me >_> But I love this part of the arc so like...these things, they happen.

WHY IS ULQUIORRA'S RELEASE STILL SO DAMN HOT? Like seriously...that appears to be my main focus XD

Anyway. Ichigo is really getting his ass kicked D: I have mad love for Ulquiorra (lolz, no way) but that doesn't mean I want him to kill everyone. Sooooo...we'll see where this is going. As of now, Ulquiorra appears to be on the I KILL ICHIGO NOW path.

Orihime looks worried. My fangirl self wants it to be about Ulquiorra, but it's probably about Ichigo. I mean, he is way underpowered compared to Ulquiorra, so it would make more sense to worry about him. Ishida is like "I try to comfort you now!" though which is pretty cute :3 But we all know where my pairing loyalties lie.

ALSO. Ulquiorra, you masochist. He knows Ichigo's attack won't hurt him but still! LOLOLOLOL ATTACK ME NOW!!! Seriously. Maybe he just likes to fly around on his pretty wings :P

This whole cliffhanger every week is not pleasing to me. It causes STRESS and UNHAPPY and OH SHIT WHY ISN'T IT NEXT WEEK YET??? I honestly don't think that Ulquiorra could turn into a bigger emo kid either...the black cero is just like...lolwut. I ♥ Ulquiorra but I swear, every week he is turning even more emo ^^

ALSO KINGDOM HEARTS. 358/2 Days is slated for a May release in Japan, whooooo! And GameStop has started taking reservations for the English version with the release date as 8/31/09. This may or may not stay (emphasis on the not, since GameStop dates are never right when it's that far in advance). However, this means I can run around in little circles of happy when I get back to Pittsburgh :D I want to reserve it nowwwwww. I might try to goad my brother into doing it for me.

I was looking at scans from 358/2 Days and it just looks SO FUCKING AWESOME YO. It will be like a world of Akuroku, too :D omg, and Zexion was in some of the newer screens from it! I was squeeing over them last night and Cait was just like...what is wrong with you? And then went back to playing FFXII.

Now, I have to go get lunch or I will be starving during music...oh good lord I'm hungry D: Fangirling distracts me from hunger but only for short periods of time.
Tags: akuroku, bleach, fangirl moments, kingdom hearts, ulquihime
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