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why hello thar, I are lazy cat

I just...keep forgetting to update D: I've been busy busy.

My winter break was amazing. I had six weeks off and they were very very fun <3 I spent a lot of time with Patti, of course, and a lot of time working. I also went to Palm Beach for a week to visit Cait, which was SO COOL. Er, warm, actually, since I went to the beach and such.

Today I returned to Goucher~ I miss Patti like crazy already D: But she's going to visit me for Valentines day, so that will be nice. I miss her though, like a lot. a lot a lot a lot. I had a lot of trouble convincing myself to leave, but I know that we will love each other no matter where we are. Still, being apart is hard D:

I will try to be better at keeping track of my life...that's kind of my goal for the new year :D

Also, my dorm room is way overheated. I have the window open and it's under 30 degrees outside XD
Tags: cait, college, girlfriend, patti
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