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shopping day~

Today was fun~! I love Tuesdays, NO CLASS :D :D :D

So, I went to see if Cait wanted to go to lunch at around noon. Me knocking on her door actually woke her up...which was good, because she would have slept through her class otherwise D: Anyway, I just wandered around the internets until she was done and then we went to lunch.

After lunch, Cait had a meeting. And then...shopping adventure!!! Her mom won't pay for her to use zipcar & won't let her have her car on campus, so she gets to take a taxi instead. AND she paid for it (because it's her parents' money) so I was like yay, free ride. Also, we had the greatest taxi driver EVER, he was awesome.

First we went to Target~ That was fun. Cait needed winter clothes and I got a t-shirt with a peacock feather on it :D It's cuuute. Also, Cait stocked up on food & Gaia cash cards. Since she's exacting monetary revenge on her parents for not letting her use zipcar, she bought a ton and one for me tooooo :D

After Target, we stopped into PetSmart to stare at the pretty budgies & other animals. They had kitties at this one!! The lady let me play with all of them :D I was so happy. And then we got to play with one of the snakes. FUN TIMES. We were in there for nearly an hour >_>

Then we had dinner at Panera. yummmm. I love Panera and I haven't been there forever. It was fun times. So, since our taxi driver had been so awesome and gave us his number, we called him & he drove us back to Goucher. He didn't even turn the meter on and charged us way less than if it had been on. YAY NICE PEOPLE :D

We met Elizabeth in library when we got back to campus, but eventually they left and I stayed so I could be like...ESSAYS. Which haven't happened yet, lolwut? Lazy Killian is lazy. I'll probably just mess around in Photoshop with my doodles...blagah.
Tags: adventures off campus, cait, lazy, shopping
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