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Kingdom Hearts meme

HAHAHAHA SLEEP WUT? I don't believe in sleep, obviously. Instead I fill out random KH memes that I've actually before, but I wanted to do again. wow. I'm a moron XD

Also, I really want to finish reading The Unfamiliar because it is so damn good so far, but a) it is 46 chapters long and I won't sleep if I do and b) apparently it gets really dark and I'm like...a little spazz and do not like that stuff. Patti's read it already and she told me that I'm at the happy part, it gets sad really soon. So, I need to wait for her to be on so I can spazz at her or something when I read...

1) Favorite male overall (Non-FF):
Riku ♥ Followed closely by Zexion & Axel.

2) Favorite female overall (Non-FF):
Kairi! She doesn't get nearly enough love ;_;

3) Favorite Org. member:
Axel. I like Zexion but...I cosplay Axel and his character just intrigues me so much.

4) Least favorite Org. member:
ROXAS LOLZ. Not really, but he kicked my ass a billion times in KH2: FM+ and I was just like...wut. Stop that.

5) Favorite Cameo male:
Cloud~~ I ♥ him

6) Favorite Cameo female:
YUFFIE. God damn it, I am tired of everyone hating on Yuffie.

7) Favourite couple(s) and why (can be canon or fanbased, whatever you like):
Axel/Roxas- duh. I cosplay it ♥ And I remember playing through KH2 for the first time, which was back when I still didn't like KH yaoi AT ALL, and just being like "holy shit, those two are totally banging each other"
Zexion/Demyx- oh my gosh I don't care if it doesn't have any hints in canon, this pairing is amazing and I love it to little bits and pieces. I blame dualshine.
Sora/Riku/Kairi- because nothing splits up the trio.

8) Least favourite couple(s) and why:
Leon/Cloud- I don't hate it, I just don't like it. gasp. I know it's pretty popular for most KH yaoi fans but I just don't see it.
Donald/Goofy- let's just say...I stumbled on this fanfic once and I really don't ever want to think about that again.

9) Most hated character(s), if any, and why:
DiZ- I am full of hate for this man and this has not changed in the nearly three years it's been since I first played the game. Yes, his pupils screwed him over and one of their Heartless stole his name. Cry me a river, bitch. He meddled around in the affairs of others, basically fucking with their existences, all in the name of petty revenge. He fucked up Riku even more, he stole Roxas away from his little quest of knowledge, and had absolutely no tolerance for Nobodies, no matter what. I don't like him >_<

10) Favorite song KH1:
I could listen to the Hollow Bastion music for hours and hours on end.

11) Favorite song KH2:
Passion changed my life. When I first heard it, I was at a stage in my life where I didn't believe in feeling emotions. Passion changed that.

12) Favorite song overall:
Passion, zomg. As well as Roxas's theme and some of the songs from KH2: FM+, I'm blanking on the names.

13) Favorite world KH:
I have mad love for Hollow Bastion. Fo' serious. None of this Radiant Garden shit, Hollow Bastion is the true awesomeness. Also, End of the World was interesting and also the first world I ever played, making it very sentimental to me.

14) Favorite world KH2:
The World That Never Was. SO AWESOME. Also, I liked the extra bits of Radiant Garden from FM+, they were super spiff.

15) Least favorite world KH:
Deep Jungle UGH. I don't know, it just seemed to go on forever and I just didn't like how it was set up.

16) Least favorite world KH2:
Tron's world, though that's mainly because it was ALWAYS preventing me from storyline stuff. I would be so close to an important plot point and then FWOOSH, I'd be in Tron's World. Also, Pride Lands was ridiculous and I never got used to being a lion.

17) Favorite guest party member KH1:
Beast! He saved my life when I was abandoned by my friends and was just generally kickass.

18) Favorite guest party member KH2:
RIKU DUH. I love that boy and I just want to hug him. Also, does Axel count? He did help that one time in that one place...you know what I mean.

19) Favorite party overall KH:
Sora Donald Goofy ftw!

20) Favorite party overall KH2:
Sora Riku Donald- Riku is just pure kickass and Donald has saved my life on SO many occasions with his mad healing skillz.

22) Dream party, if any (either game):
Sora Riku Kairi ftw please? I think it would be all kinds of amazing. Also Roxas and Axel should be their own playable party, though apparently we're getting 358/2 Days for that omg yay.

23) Favorite spell KH:
Aero/Aera/Aeroga- damn, I missed that spell in KH2. SERIOUSLY. Best defensive spell ever.

24) Favorite spell KH2:
Cure/Cura/Curaga- I seriously didn't use any other spell on the first play through.

25) Favourite summon KH:
Tinkerbell. I was a big fan of playing on the defense in KH1 (since it was basically my first video game ever) and she was a life saver. I missed her in KH2.

26) Favourite summmon KH2:
lolwut? Summons? In MY KH2? no way. Once again, not something I used on my first play through. I ended up using Genie later on, but that's it.

27) Favourite drive form KH2:
Final! Also, while I could never really get the hold of it, Limit form bringing back dodge roll made me ridiculously happy.

28) Triangle button; yes or no?:
VERY MUCH YES. It makes things so pretty fancy *_* And it was just awesome, though slightly over used during the end of the game.

29) Favorite mini-game:
If I ever have to hang up another damn poster...But um. I don't mind mail delivery?

30) Favorite boss:
possessed!Riku in KH1 was amazing and full of win. And then Roxas in KH2: FM+ was all kinds of difficult but really spiff.

31) Toughest boss fight (storyline):
dragon!Maleficient the first time I played KH1. I died. A BILLION times. Then I hid on the sidelines, let Donald and Goofy fight her, and made myself some lunch.
Oh, and Repliku was a bitch during Riku's story of CoM. Then I had this brilliant idea where I actually leveled up more, and he was easy.
ROXAS IN KH2: FM+. Oh my goodness. He killed me so many times. How is that fair??? Isn't Sora supposed to be stronger? Whatever, it was an awesome fight though.

32) Toughest boss fight (optional/etc):
Sephiroth, though more so in KH1 than KH2. I had to level up to 100 to beat him in KH1 and in KH2 I was like...level 80-something. Okay then.
Kurt Zisa was a bitch, end of story.
ALL OF THE DAMN ORGANIZATION IN KH2: FM+. UGH. I have yet to beat any of them. It took me forever to beat the absent silhouettes and now I'm just...stuck on the harder forms.

33) Be honest; did King Mickey have to save you often?:
Once on Standard mode, fairly early on. I died during the second form of the heartless in Beast's Castle. And then...six times on Proud mode. WTF. It was ALL during the Xaldin fight. I have no idea why it was so hard for me that time around.

34) Do you think Anti-Form can be controlled, or is it completely random?
I don't know. I barely got it in KH2, but then almost EVERY FUCKING TIME I tried to drive in FM+ I went into it. Very frustrating.

35) Which KH game is your favorite?:
KH2: FM+ is fantastic and it better be my favorite because I spent $80 on it + $30 to mod my PS2.

36) Least favorite?:
lolz Re:CoM because I don't know enough Japanese to understand it, so I just look at the pretty pictures. I can't wait until December so I can finally play it in English.
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