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my day sucks D:

So, on top of the not falling asleep until about seven-thirty AM, then waking up at eleven...I have had other things happening D:

The canopy above my bed decided to pick today to fall down. I mean, it's only taped up because this is a dorm room, but seriously? Today? So it falls on my head. I then get up, grab some more tape and put it back up.

It falls down again D:

This time I have to cut all the tape off of it, make a whole new tape bit, and spend a good ten minutes putting that thing up there. It should be pretty sturdy now.

Also, when I stand? POUNDING HEADACHE. It still hasn't gone away, and that is no fun D:

OKAY SO I JUST WENT TO DINNER OH THAT SUCKED D: Apparently food doesn't agree with me anymore, so I feel like an even bigger world of suck. I just want to curl up and be all better....
Tags: sick
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