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ofidhidush photoshop >:O

I hate you right now Photoshop >_>

So, I haven't done graphics for heaven knows how long. I'm probably ridiculously out of practice, but I was like hey, I want to get back into it a little bit. I dug out some of my back up DVDs to find brushes, patterns, PSDs, and the like. I'm missing some of the ones I want, but I'll just have to get them when I go back to Pittsburgh.

I'm also going through things, trying to find the fonts I like. This is good. I obviously can't get my paid fonts, so I'll have to wait for those as well. Whatever, that's cool. I have some awesome fonts, some brushes, and some PSDs that I can play around with.

Then I discover...Adobe discontinued Image Ready. cries. I like IR! I use it for animation! After I had to make the switch from PSP to Photoshop in 8th grade (2003, oh snap), I have been using IR for animation. I'm comfortable with it and I like it.

Anyway, I have Photoshop CS3 right now. Image Ready no longer comes with Photoshop because it no longer exists D: wtf. So now I've downgraded to CS2 just so I can have IR, but of course I have to have a trial version because my keycode is back home on my desktop computer. WHY IS EVERYTHING IN PITTSBURGH, WHY. On the plus side, I like CS2 more than CS3, though my love for CS2 is pretty much tied with the original CS. Maybe I'm nostalgic, but I don't like when my software changes >_>

When I went to look up Image Ready on Adobe's website, it told me that CS4 was out. WTF. I just got CS3! This is ridiculous. STOP COMING OUT WITH NEW SOFTWARE PLZ.


I'm done ranting now XD I need to write three essays by tomorrow, so I should hop to it.
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