☆ Killian → キリアン ☆ (setsuntamew) wrote,
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busy cat

I am so busy and yet not...whenever I'm on the computer I'm either reading to destress/relax or talking to Patti, so I never get a chance to update. Or I'm uploading pictures to facebook, which takes forever because I'm anal about it >_>


Right now I'm in computer science, which is easy because I've taken JAVA already. It's nice, I can just rush through the labs and still do well. Yay :D

Mmkay. I am hungry and I'm still missing my DVDs of back ups, so I can't do photoshop stuff yet. Even if I could, I don't even know what to make anymore OR have the skills to do it D: I'm feeling so out of practice...ugh. My domain is going to shrivel up and die D:

Off to eat~! I have leave early because I'm done already, I love college, it is amazing :D
Tags: busy, college
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