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agh, gaia

First of all, I am quite addicted to Gaia >_> It sucks up a lot of my time + paycheck. I've gotten better, as in, I don't blow ALL my money on there anymore. However, every once in awhile they release a pay only item that's addictive to get, and I just go FWAH and spend all my money D:

Today is one of those days D: CRAP. I've spent almost $10 today...I suppose I better go whore out my paid requests, now. I need the money >_> But yeah, also, since it's a new item release, the servers are super over-loaded. So I need about 15,000 of everyone on Gaia to get off so I can play around with my new items. AGH.

ANYWAY. In other news, today was gooood. More details some other time, I'm off to call Patti now ♥
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