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why hello thar lj


Hello livejournal, my name is Killian, and this is my introductory entry...sort of???

These days I do most of my fandom-ing on my tumblr but I've recently come back here to make personal posts. I missed the organized journal aspect of LJ & the privacy options. So I've returned~~

anyway, this journal is about 30% public and 70% private....barely anyone else uses LJ anymore, but feel free to drop a comment if you'd like to be added :D
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flashback survey~~

I found this in the depths of my archive from late 2009/early 2010, and I figured that....I haven't updated this in forever but I should fill out a survey so I can think about how much things have change for me- and so much of it is for the better!!! Old one found here~~

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waves at dreamwidth


Fuck I haven't updated since before Katsucon, whoops!! I would like to write a proper Katsu recap but I don't have the brains for it right now :T And I'd really just like to say hi to dreamwidth and post a few minor updates.

-work has been insanely busy but we've had record breaking sales so like, yay
-I got a small part time job at the jewelry studio Pat works at, doing photo editing and listing pieces for sale online
-Liz dyed my hair and it's a beautiful bright red/maroon/purple experience now, I love it
-I started working on a bullet journal planner and I'm already way behind on it, but I'm having fun
-Ritalin has been really helpful but I'm still forgetful as fuck, so that's where I still struggle

Basically I need to get my shit organized but getting my shit organized is a continual struggle where I feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done but also have downtime to chill. Ya know, the usual!!

Once I outline it better, I'll return with a katsu update/recap/whatever. It was an amazingly fun time though, so it is good news. I just did a lot at it so there's a lot to write!!!
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kh prompts

........good to know that kingdom100 never deletes claims!! I claimed zemyx back in 2006, wrote two things, and then fucked off, because I'm terrible at completing things. But now with the release of kh3, I'm like, super jazzed to write a bunch of kh fic again!!!! So I was gonna just use the prompt table again and complete it as a personal project, but I figured I should see what happened to my claim. And it's technically still active XD

So. Hm. Guess I'll really be back on my bullshit, then XD I found my original post of the prompt table, but I think I'm gonna repost it once I actually start writing. I don't want to go digging back that far every time I need it.

Seriously though. Hoping these adhd meds keep working so that I can actually complete tasks, plz.
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A return to writing!

I finally did some writing yesterday!! I've been struggling with it - which happens every winter, but that doesn't mean I have to like it - and failing to even write basic outlines. But yesterday was the breaking point, I guess!! I wrote some juhaku at work and then came home and wrote weird vanven cannibalism, because I like to stay on brand.

Today's my day off so I'm making an effort to type up the vanven at least, because the rough draft is done. The juhaku is....barely started, but I've got a lot of ideas for it now :D

Other than that, I wanna do some more housework. Today I get to up the dose of my ADHD meds and that's prooooobably gonna help. Or at least I hope it will XD Fingers crossed!!
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hello february!!

Welp, January pretty much flew by, with work, birthday, and KH3...It was a busy time! Now is the season of....even busier work :T Valentines Day is a wild time for adult stores, for some odd reason.

I beat KH3 uhhhh Wednesday night/Thursday morning? It was like 3 am, okay, and I fucking beat it early enough that the secret ending wasn't available for download yet!!! I was like oh come on, it's the 31st already, gimme what I earned for playing on Proud XD This is a spoiler free post tho; I have a lot of thoughts but I need time to ruminate on them more.

Also, finally did my check in for [community profile] getyourwordsout and mehhh I'm not happy with how much I wrote in January, but it was better than nothing. I always struggle in the winter, but I wanna change that some day. I have some shit I need to get done in the next week.

SPEAKING OF THAT ACTUALLY!!! I started taking ADHD meds yesterday, and I already feel good about it!! I got a ton of housework done that I'd been putting off, without even stressing about it. I'm just on a super low dose for the first few days, so it'll be a bit before I get the full effect. However, I'm very hopeful! I want to be able to do things!!!!!!!!!
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Okay okay I'm a day late on saying that, but I've been playing basically nonstop since it launched!!!! I'm currently at work because I couldn't afford to take more time off, but it's been an amazingly wild ride so far ;w;

Pat made us sea salt ice cream for release day and I feel like this was just a very wholesome moment ♥

I'll have more thoughts later I'm just.....full of feelings but also sleep deprived XD
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I know, I've been playing the Japanese edition since launch, but I'm so fucking excited to be able to understand everything properly!!!! Despite how negatively I usually feel about GameStop, I am pleased that they're doing a 9 pm launch tonight :D Getting it a few hours early~~~~

We didn't quite get to the end of the Japanese version, but we got SO close!! I just don't wanna miss picking it up in English. So Liz, Pat, and I are just sorta...sitting on the couch...waiting..........
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Liveblogging: Part 2

I actually took some more pictures of the upcoming worlds!! This liveblog continues to be very spoiler heavy, in both text and visual ways, so click the cut at your own risk!

It's also still in Japanese (obviously...), but I will probably continue this once I get my hands on my English copy on Monday night.

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