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☆ Killian → キリアン ☆
8 January 1990
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I'm Killian and this is a profile :3

I'm 25, I'm a cake decorator who is taking a temp break from cake to work in a porn & sex toy store. I'm engaged to a wonderful nerd lady who I love dearly and I couldn't be happier with where my life ended up. I still love my fandoms, I just keep hopping around. I love Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kingdom Hearts, and Homestuck dearly, and I recently became very much into Magi.

I fangirl, I rant, and am generally a happy person. I used to live on GJ but moved here when it died & transferred most of my old entries. Someday I will take life more seriously than I do now, but I'm happy this way :D I live on tumblr now, but yoooo I still keep this up for archive purposes.

I was never very good at "about me" sections.

Currently playing: Persona 4
Currently reading: Sinbad no Boken
Currently watching: Captain America. Over and over and over again.
Current music: Muse, Set It Off, Fall Out Boy, The Used

Need to play: Final Fantasy X-2
Need to read: fuck I can't even keep track anymore
Need to watch: YuGiOh! Arc V

Current layout made by me & features Ulquiorra and Orihime of Bleach. Art comes from a doujinshi by BLOW. Mood theme is made by me and is currently in progress.

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