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Why is GJ dying? WHY?! I've been on that site longer (though not by much) than I've been on here. It's been a key part of my teenage years...seriously, it has. I remember when I first joined, being excited by all the awesome features that were all FREE. And now it offers even less than a free LJ account D:

I'm not permanently moving here. If GJ somehow magically gets better, I'll totally stay there. But for now? I'll cross post my entries. If GJ dies, this is where I'll be. I mean, I pay for this thing, I may as well use it XD

Oh shit, if I end up using this site, I better renew my userpics. That expires in a few days, ahhh. *looks for debit card*

JEEZ I just realized that it's been awhile since I updated here...I should write an entry summarizing what's been happening...
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