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slash is fun!

...how did I spend two and a half years not liking RikuSora? HOW?! It's adorable! And cute! And funny! And fweeeeee-ness to the max. Yes I've been reading slash all night ^^;; Ignore me...

Anyway. I have another domain (rikairu.net) that I'm working on. It'll include fansites and such. I think. I dunno yet. The layout is Akuroku though, lmao. Blame Shiro Amano and the awesome KH2 manga. Don't believe me? Clicky under the cut:

THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED! I fangirled all over the place! And then made my little brother fangirlboy too! Ah, only I can get my 12-year-old brother into slash. It's 'cause I'm awesome.

So...NaNoWriMo is next month. I think I'm gonna do it this year. I want to write a fic, I think. Something long and fun and yeah. Obviously KH-related. I have this idea floating around in my head...bleh. I don't know. Now that I like RikuSora...

Basically, it's an AU. Because I suck at everything else and I love the Orginization to death and want them in it. It was originally going to be a high school setting, but now hm... oifhjeoisofjkfdsj I dunno. I'll figure it out. Expect prewriting crap for the next few days.
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