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So I need to start using this more, because all the fun KH stuff happens on LJ. No one on GJ is cool enough to listen to my KH rants, haha. I love that game too much.

Also, when did I become a slash fangirl? I have no clue. I ask myself this question every night as I stay up reading Akuroku and Zemyx fics. Oh how I love it...yes I do squee all night long and freak out the cat.

ANYWAY! I need to buy the add on for my user icons again...it'll expire in a couple weeks. I just need two dollars in my paypal...maybe I can borrow it from my mom's. OH and my paid account expires the day after my birthday, must remember to get that renewed for my b-day or Christmas of something...

omg Christmas. Since there is 85498753 times more KH merchandise this year than last, I will be filling my list with KH goodness. I know I want the KH artbook (how did I not know about it until like...a week ago?!) and some of the jewelry. Actually, I just really want KH2: Final Mix and RE: CoM to come out here...omg I will explode if it does not.

And then I will buy the Japanese version and mod my brother's PS2. Such tears will be had if I break it because I really don't want to drain my bank account to buy him a new one. Which I will obviously have to do...maybe I'll just do the swap disc thing instead...OR they could release the games in English so I can understand them! I like that idea best.

Ohhhh and I really want metal DDR pads and my registration for Tekkoshocon. I am excited to the max for that! Things to do for Tekko:
• Save money
• Work on Kairi cosplay outfit
• Find more KH-loving friends
• Get KH-loving boyfriend to cosplay as Riku

bwahahaha at the last one. Rikairu is still my OTP. Though I highly doubt I'm gonna get a boyfriend by April...all girls schools suck. So the last one is you know, not required. But I wish :D

oooookay so I really need to eat now. I've been sick for the last week and a half, so um. I haven't really eaten and I lost 15 pounds. I'm not hungry but my pants are falling down and my belts are all too big and my tight shirts aren't tight anymore.

PS! I got a domain! Two, actually, but the second one isn't ready yet :P Check out setsuntamew.net!
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