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I got the job at the bakery!!!!!! I start on Monday!!! EPIC HAPPINESS MANEUVER GO!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Anyway :D That's my news for today~! *dance dance dance*

Tonight, Patti, Kelly, and I are doing cosplay prep for Otakon. I remade thief king's kilt last night and finished up ironing it today. It looks PERFECT! I finally got around to hemming the plain off white jacket & I just need to hem the hood now. But I'm taking a break to style Kelly's Jounouchi wig.

Before Otakon, I have to iron thief king's red coat, redye and style his wig (since I washed it out to clean it), and style Kelly's Ryou wig when it comes in the mail. I think I'm also helping Patti paint some shirts and the millennium rod. And maybe Kelly's ring. Ughhhh I feel like I'm forgetting some things but whatever~

Less than two weeks!!!! :D :D :D
Tags: bakery, cons, cosplay, job search, kelly, otakon, pat
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