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I still don't make much sense >_>

I've been doing that thing where I make icons. That's why I tried to do last night but whoa, I was way too distracted.

I WAS SO TIRED THIS MORNING OH GOD. I need to get more sleep. I kept dozing off in psychology and I love psych, so I was obviously just dead.

My hair still looks amazing, though :3

Music was canceled today, best thing ever zomg. I was done with classes at 11:20. WHOOT. I still have a violin lesson at 3 but that's like...a cat. Not a real class.

It was still warm today, but unfortunately it's super windy. And it's a cold wind D: Screw you wind >_>

The KH DSi bundle comes out May 30th and is going to be ~$250, so I'm going to start saving the second I go back to work in May. I need a DS and I will be sad forever if I don't get this. It's going to be so spiff :3 And I will have the Japanese version of 358/2 Days.

...it will probably end up being like Re:CoM all over again, in which I get halfway through and just stare at the pretty gay men. OH GOD, THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE SO GAY. I keep saying they should just package it in rainbows or some shit like that, it would make more sense.
Tags: college, icons, kingdom hearts, rambling, tired, violin, yaoi
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