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new layout!!

mrrrrrr. I've been working on the damn coding bits of it for hours. The banner also took hours but I did that like....last week >_> I've been meaning to make the layout since last Friday I think? But I finally sat down and did it this evening.

I am very very proud of it :D I think the banner is one of my favorite things ever and the text bits all look nice and just yay. Yay. I like it :D For some reason the banner and the rest will not line up and are off by one pixel, but I'm just leaving it. I cannot for the life of me figure it out...

Bleach had better be impressive this week, hahahahaaaa XD

Also, where would I find a very nice, simple, clean Bleach manga mood theme? If I can't find one, I'll convince myself I'm going to make one myself. And that will never happen...
Tags: bleach, new layout, ulquihime
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