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dfiougodfugyosdfugys I knew there was a reason I loved this series. HOLY CRAP CHAPTER 345. WHY ARE YOU NOT LONG ENOUGH?

dklsfosdjh Ulquiorra. I thought he was hot before. Now he's just like...an explosion of hot everywhere. HIS RELEASE FORM IS AWESOME. I got to that point and just started squeeing. Granted, I'm sitting in the library because I'm between classes, so it was quiet squeeing, but still...

Moving on. I was like, super worried that we were going to cut back to other people fighting. I saw Rukia and just...as much as I like her, I was just like BITCH NO. But then it cut back to the fun fighting :D

Ulquiorra, what is this that you keep going on about those above cuatro? You ARE cuatro. So I'm not sure if it's just 1) something lost in translation or 2) implying that it's cuatro and above. Jeezus, Ulquiorra, make your words more clear.

Orihime was just like...oh shit, Ichigo is going to get so beat down. But she also looked intrigued by what Ulquiorra was going to do (though that might be my inner Ulquihime fangirl going crazy).

SPEAKING OF ULQIORRA. What is he, a raven bird thing of death? I'm not complaining, it is fucking awesome, but jeeeeeez. He's like "look at me I have floofy wings! and look even more like an emo kid now!" Also, maybe I'm just not keeping track of Bleach very well (which is entirely possible, that universe is huge and complex), but is there a reason his four vanished in his released form? Did that happen to the others? Or is this just Ulquiorra being like...bitch, I am stronger than all y'all?

For some reason, everyone slips into gangsta speak in my mind when they're being all super powerful. My mind is an odd place.

But seriously, Ichigo looks really fucked at this point. Which is worrying but also...I fucking love Ulquiorra, if he dies I will be SO SAD D: D: D:

I cannot wait for next week's Bleach~ This is like my weekly crack fix or something, why is it so awesome?? This is all Patti's fault but I love her for it ♥
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