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new layout!!!

Okay yeah, three am. I feel like I'm a freshman in high school, not college >_> This is what I did back then...anyway! I haven't changed the layout on here for, what, a year or so now? Actually, more...since the last "change" was just a newer version of the banner.

HOUSE AND WILSON ARE AMAZING. I was a happy spazz cat over the newest episode...I've been squeeing all evening ^^;;

ANYWAY ENJOY THE LAYOUT I AM TIRED AND IT IS FINALLY DONE. Matching user info and icon coming tomorrow, I suppose. And I should probably get a House-themed mood theme, but installing those things are a bitch D:

edit: something that I need to share with you all because it is too adorable for words~
Tags: house, house x wilson, insomnia, new layout, pokemon, yaoi
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